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How to get that Draw shot that everyone is looking for

If you read the last article and got your takeaway where it should be this article will be helpful in a continuation of hitting great draw shots. Without a proper takeaway such as the one described in the previous article you may not see results. Example, if takeaway is too much to the inside on the way back you may suffer from coming over the top. So before you read on make sure to check out the article on Hand path is a critical and often overlooked fundamental in golf.

90% of amateur golfers out there have never hit a draw in their life. Some people may say “Hey I have a hit a draw before; I have hit the ball way left.” But was this really a draw? The majority of the time less skilled golfers are swinging left or over-the-top but manage to keep a square face to the path and pull the ball way left or even shut the face and it is a huge pull-hook. The next thing you know they are changing the face position thinking that is it super shut and now they are hitting huge slices because the path is so far left and the face it open. Throughout this article I will give you a few helpful hints that will get you understanding what a draw is and how to hit the draws you desire.

First, what is a draw and how does a draw work.  For a ball to draw from right-to-left we need the clubface to be to the right (Open) to the target at impact and for the path to be to the right of the face. Face determines 85% of where the ball will start and path determines 15%. Since the face is open to the target it will start out to the right and with a path to the right of the face the ball will draw back to the line due to the difference in the angles as seen below in the diagram.

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Next, how is it that we will get you to hit a draw? First go ahead and lay down a golf club in front of you which will represent your target line. Next setup in your golf posture and check your stance and your aim. If you are aiming right down the line at the target we are not in a position to hit an ideal draw. What we want to do is “close” our stance to the target or aim our body out to the right. This will help promote a path that is in-to-out and get the ball to travel from right to left and going no further left than our target (this is an ideal draw).
Next, you are going to feel that your upper body is slower than the lower body throughout the swing. You may feel that your back is pointing at the target a little longer at the top of your backswing or that your head is staying behind the ball through impact letting your right shoulder pass under. Doing this will allow the arms to drop underneath (in-to-out) and allow the hands to release properly for a draw.

Drills for an In-to-Out path
Drill #1 (See image and description)

Here we can see an alignment stick on the mat (Orange) which represents your stance.
In front you see an alignment stick that is pointing straight out (target)
Then you see two alignment sticks to the right of the target stick which is a gate or “runway” that we want the club to travel down.
Take your setup; get to the top of your backswing and feel your lower body turning first and the upper body pointing at the target longer and focus getting the clubhead to go through the runway. It will feel like the path is going over the right stick in the runway and the face is going over the left stick when releasing.

Drill #2: Using the Game-in-Glove for path
This helps create proper feel and a visual for where the club should be.
Watch the laser moving from in-to-out to promote a draw swing.
Check out Game-In-Glove HERE for more information

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