Monday, May 25, 2015

Game-inglove. Why you slice the Golf Ball & How to hit a draw, fade or other shot shapes. Game-inglove - Best Golf Training Aids that work. best gifts for golf lovers

Your Swing Path & Clubface Angle at Impact Determines Your Ball flight in #Golf

We have all heard the phrase "impact is the moment of truth". It's true however, it is important to understand how the swing path and clubface angle combine, at impact, to essentially determine what kind of ball flight you will get.

Once you understand the correlation of swing path and clubface angle you can start to seriously work on your golf swing. whether you are trying to hit a certain shape of shot or rid yourself of the slice or hook.

Game-inglove is the ultimate visual training aid for your swing. Using real-time visual feedback you can trace and SEE your way to a consistent and repeatable golf swing. Learn to square your clubface at impact, regardless of your physical capabilities and start eliminating the slice or hook for good.

If you would like to start drawing the golf ball or just stop slicing the golf ball you can using visual feedback, kinesthetics and Game-inglove. 

Quickly develop the muscle memory you need to play consistent golf, gain confidence, gain distance and lower your scores for good.