Monday, June 9, 2014

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Today I want to discuss the importance of real-time visual feedback.
What does that mean, real-time visual feedback?
Well we have all seen our golf swings on video haven’t we? Did you like what you see? Well I for sure didn’t realize that my head was lifting up off the ball by about a foot in the backswing and it is only a result of good hand-eye coordination that I was even able to hit the golf ball in the first place! I also didn’t realize that I was bent over so much, and for a short person, that’s not a great thing as you lose you potential arc, and consequently the distance the clubhead will move during the swing, and ultimately clubhead speed which equals distance.
Well on this occasion I’m not talking about videoing your swing and taking a look at everything that is wrong with it. Arnold Palmer is quoted as saying the foot of the backswing is the most important foot of the golf swing. Well what if you was able to perfect the first foot of the takeaway and put yourself into a great position to get into “the slot” and delivery a powerful blow to the golf ball?
It sounds easy, moving the club back correctly for a foot and, it is but, most of us don’t do it correctly and hence destroy any chance we have of grooving a consistent, repeatable and powerful golf swing. We either, take the club too far to the outside, or too far to the inside, pick the club up or roll our wrists to start the backswing. All of these moves require some sort of golf swing correction to get the clubface square at impact and hence you are never really able to increase swing speed because your poor golf swing mechanics. 
Well Game-inglove has a proprietary Laser Path Guide which is integrated into the glove and when activated projects a laser dot onto the floor ahead of the golfer at address. From this point any ruinous error that occurs during the first few feet of the backswing is immediately apparent through real-time visual feedback to the golfer. That is to say if you are guilty of rolling your wrists to start the backswing, picking the club or, taking the club back on the wrong swing path the resultant laser dot will alert to that immediately by referring to the Mike Fay, PGA instructional DVD.
Game-inglove also has a realizer clubface integrated onto the back of the glove. It is about the same size as regular 7 iron and is orientated as it relates to the actual clubface. You will be amazed at how knowing the correct orientation of the clubface as it relates to the back of the control hand has on your understanding of the golf swing and this knowledge will transform your short game too. The realizer clubface also provides real-time visual feedback through which you will quickly understand how to correctly pronate the wrists through impact, de-loft the clubface and finally compress the golf ball for distance and control.
I have a saying - “What you feel is not real” so, if you could get real-time visual feedback that highlights the fundamental faults occurring in your swing would you want to give it a go? Well I did and my handicap is dropping like a rock!