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These are the average golf distances for men and women. How do you compare? - Game-inglove Best golf training aids 2016

The chart depicts the average golf distances for each club for men and women. We'd say that "skill" (swing mechanics & Center hits) & swing swing speed are the two defining factors; but, you can't just swing faster and expect results. 

Every 1 MPH increase in swing speed is equivalent to 2.5 yards in distance for each club. So if you would like to hit your dives 20 yards further you can do this by increasing your swing speed by 8MPH.

Once your swing mechanics are good, repeatable and sound you can really then start to increase your speed and therefore distances and that is where Game-inglove comes in.

Game-inglove helps fix your grip, your only connection with the golf club!; you swing path and your face angle, the two determining factors that control ball flight. 

Using Game-inglove you can either fix a slice or a hook, or learn how to hit a draw or a fade. Start shaping your shots and start owning the golf course.

The laser does not lie. If you have a swing fault or flaw that is robbing you of the chance of a great golf game the laser will alert you immediately.

You can then start to work on the muscle memory needed to take your new swing to the golf course and start pounding the golf ball down the middle of the fairway and dumbfounding your playing partners.

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Game-inglove - Change that slice into a draw and play out of the trees no more!! Consistent, powerful golf swing as easy as ABC! Best Golf Training Aids that work. Best gifts for golfers. Golf Gift Ideas for him. unique gift ideas for golfers

If you can trace a laser along a series of pre-set lines on the floor you CAN learn to play great golf.

Game-inglove has a laser incorporated into the back of the glove that can perfect your takeaway, downswing, impact and follow-through to help you build a consistent and powerful golf swing.

So many golf swings are ruined in the first few feet of the takeaway by either over rotating the forearms, pulling the club too far to the inside or conversely picking the club up. Any of these moves requires a compensatory move to get the club back on plane and ultimately square the clubface at impact.

Game-inglove solves this problem, all you have to do is trace the laser along the upper line to waist high and finish your backswing; it's that simple.

Well it is true you don't the golf ball with your backswing but as Arnold Palmer said "The first foot of the backswing is the most important part of the golf swing" - So if you get this bit right you are off to a pretty decent start.

Once at the top of the backswing a common mistake is to come over-the-top and slice the golf ball or, equally as bad, is to cast the club, lose lag and has little to no power at impact. Well using Game-inglove you can solve both of these issues by making sure you trace the laser along the bottom line on the downswing; we all know you have to come from the inside right?

So that's the backswing and the downswing sorted, but what about impact, can Game-inglove help with that? Of course it can. You see you have to get the laser beam to the bullseye on the laser path mat before your hands get there. You WILL get the feel of lag, forward shaft lean and a flat left wrist at impact and you will start to compress and KILL the golf ball.

If you flip at impact the laser will disappear behind you.....there is a laser pattern for EVERY mistake and error in EVER golf swing and, a laser pattern for the right things to do too.

Game-inglove can not only FIX your errors but it can train you to hit certain shot shapes as well. So if you want to hit a draw make sure on the follow-through you trace the laser out above the left hand upper decal on the laser path mat. Whatever you issue or whatever your desire in golf game-inglove can be used to achieve your goals.

Game-inglove can be used for putting, chipping, pitching and for full shots. Do you think you could trace a straight line back 12 inches and through 12 inches on the floor? Well if you think you could then, CONGRATULATIONS you can chip the ball with ease. By just doing this you will maintain the "tour angle 144", you will keep the clubhead outside your hands and you will chip the ball with amazing accuracy, control and consistency!!

It sounds too good to be true doesn't it or too simple to be effective? Well it is on both counts, you see your hands control the club and the clubface so whatever you hands and arms are doing at any part in the golf swing has an effect on the what the club is doing. You see there is NO other connection with the golf club is there? So, if you can get your hand and arm movement correct and consistent you CAN become a VERY good golfer.

Watch the quick "How to use Game-inglove" video on youtube and visit us at to find out how you can Light Up Your Golf Game!!

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Game-inglove - The First Foot Of The Golf Swing Is The Most Important Part Of The Golf Swing. Game-inglove - Best Golf Training Aids that work. Best gifts for golfers golf gift ideas for her

 Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson both agree that the first foot of the backswing is the most important foot of the golf swing.

It's true that you don't hit the golf ball with your backswing but, what you do in the first few feet of your backswing, massively affects the rest of your golf swing.

In this image Karen Palacios-Jensen demonstrates perfectly the importance of hand path and how it relates to clubface control in the golf swing.
Notice the back of Karen's hand in the image on the right and how it  relates to the clubface.
Then notice the back of Karen's hand in the image on the left and what has happened to the clubface.

You can see from this image how important hand path is in relation to clubface control.
Can you see why the first few feet of the backswing are so important and why hand path is so critical?

I invented Game-inglove to solve the hand path problem because it was the one factor that was destroying my own golf swing and stopping me from getting any better and was ruining any chance of consistency.

My golf instructor would show me video evidence of me over-rotating my forearms on the backswing and explain to me how this is was wrecking my entire golf swing, but I couldn't fix it no matter what I tried, until I discovered Game-inglove.

You see by integrating an adjustable laser into the golf glove itself I was able to show in real-time what my hands were doing in the golf swing, and how that was affecting the rest of my swing.

I quickly found that there was a laser pattern for every golf shot-shape out there and a laser pattern for every golf swing flaw too; whether that be and over-the-top swing, a flip at impact, casting, losing lag, taking the club too far to the inside, picking the club up; you name it, there is a laser pattern for everything!

Game-inglove comes with a laser path mat which has predetermined decals and lines on it that will help you trace the correct moves required to hit various shot- shapes and will help you eliminate the slice or the hook.

Game-inglove is excellent for the short game too. If you can take the laser back 12 inches and back through 12 inches on a straight line you can chip and pitch the ball perfectly. The club head stays outside the hands and you will no longer try and lift or scoop the ball in the air.

I call it real-time visual feedback for your golf swing because you will see immediately what the laser is doing and what this means for your golf swing.

Game-inglove has other visual feedback elements too such as the realizer clubface and the shaft palm line, all of which are designed to help you improve through visual feedback and kinesthetic learning.

PGA teaching professionals are incorporating Game-inglove in their lessons to great effect and the testimonies speak for themselves.

Get laser correction treatment for your golf game and be prepared to light up your game with Game-inglove!

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Game-inglove. Why you slice the Golf Ball & How to hit a draw, fade or other shot shapes. Game-inglove - Best Golf Training Aids that work. best gifts for golf lovers

Your Swing Path & Clubface Angle at Impact Determines Your Ball flight in #Golf

We have all heard the phrase "impact is the moment of truth". It's true however, it is important to understand how the swing path and clubface angle combine, at impact, to essentially determine what kind of ball flight you will get.

Once you understand the correlation of swing path and clubface angle you can start to seriously work on your golf swing. whether you are trying to hit a certain shape of shot or rid yourself of the slice or hook.

Game-inglove is the ultimate visual training aid for your swing. Using real-time visual feedback you can trace and SEE your way to a consistent and repeatable golf swing. Learn to square your clubface at impact, regardless of your physical capabilities and start eliminating the slice or hook for good.

If you would like to start drawing the golf ball or just stop slicing the golf ball you can using visual feedback, kinesthetics and Game-inglove. 

Quickly develop the muscle memory you need to play consistent golf, gain confidence, gain distance and lower your scores for good.


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Game-inglove - Brian Jacobs Golf Academy Draw vs. Fade By: Michael LaBella, PGA. Game-inglove - Best Golf Training Aids that work. Best golf gifts 2016

Draw vs. Fade 

Using Trackman and Game In-Glove to show how to hit a fade and draw. 

Fade setup: Open stance and open shoulders to target line. Face is aimed left of target and goal is to got the ball to fade back to the target but not past the target.

Draw setup: Closed stance and open shoulders to target line. Face is aimed right of target and goal is to get the ball to draw back to target but not past the target.

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Game-inglove - Chipping Tips and How to use Game In-Glove while Chipping By: Mike LaBella, PGA Brian Jacobs Golf Associate Instructor. Game-inglove - Best Golf Training Aids that work. Best golf gifts 2016

In the following video I demonstrate the follow:
- Chipping Set-up
---Stance narrow
---65-70% Weight on left foot
---Choke down on the club
---Stand closer to ball
---Hands towards inside of left thigh (right handed golfers)
---Ball placement towards inside of right foot (right handed golfers)
- How Game In-Glove can assist as a visual to get the correct path back and through impact during the chipping stroke.

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Game-inglove - Putting Path Using Game-InGlove Technology By: Mike LaBella, PGA Brian Jacobs Golf Associate Instructor. Game-inglove - Best Golf Training Aids that work. Gift ideas for men

This is a continuation of my previous post on set-up and path.

Here I am using Game-InGlove Technology to assist as a visual to getting the correct path back and through impact during the putting stroke. I also used the gate drill to assist in consistency.

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Game-inglove - One Step Closer to Putting like a Champ: By Mike LaBella, PGA - Brian Jacobs Golf Associate Instructor. Game-inglove - Best Golf Training Aids that work. Gift ideas for men

One Step Closer to Putting like a Champ
 This is by far one of the most overlooked areas of the game. When I start a lesson series with any student the first thing I ask is how is your short-game and how often do you practice. The majority of the time I get the same answer “I have been working on my iron play because I want to hit it farther.” My question is how many putts or up and downs did you have when you last played?
 The majority of people out there can decrease their scores anywhere from 5 to 10 strokes with improved putting! Two major areas that I will cover include setup and path.
First stand up straight with your arms out in front of you.

Next, anchor your arms to your body at a 90 degree angle. It will feel like your arms are connected to the front part of your rib cage, not the sides. This will get you stabilized when making a stroke.

From here we slightly open up the forearms. We do this because we want to grip the putter grip in the palm of our hands. Therefore it will feel as though your hands are more under the club. 

Lastly, bend over until you are able to grip your putter where there is at least an inch between your back hand and the butt of the club.

Bend your knees slightly.

Ball position is slightly forward of center.

Feet are hip width apart.

The Gate Drill: I love this drill because it works great for your path and face. If you have ever been to a Tour event and watched players practice you may see them putting between two tees. What they are trying to do is get consistency swinging back and through the tees. You can do this at home by placing a ball just off the heel and a ball just off the toe and swing between the two trying not to hit them. When practicing and hitting a ball use a flat surface and hit to a target at least five feet away. If you manage to get through the gate but the ball misses left or right your face may be closed or opened. The goal here is to make 50 putts in a row without missing. If you miss start over, once completed you then move to a different hole.

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Game-inglove = Best golf gifts for dad. How to get that Draw Shot that Everyone is Looking For: By Mike LaBella, PGA - Brian Jacobs Golf Associate Instructor. Game-inglove - Best Golf Training Aids that work. Best Christmas gifts for men.

How to get that Draw shot that everyone is looking for

If you read the last article and got your takeaway where it should be this article will be helpful in a continuation of hitting great draw shots. Without a proper takeaway such as the one described in the previous article you may not see results. Example, if takeaway is too much to the inside on the way back you may suffer from coming over the top. So before you read on make sure to check out the article on Hand path is a critical and often overlooked fundamental in golf.

90% of amateur golfers out there have never hit a draw in their life. Some people may say “Hey I have a hit a draw before; I have hit the ball way left.” But was this really a draw? The majority of the time less skilled golfers are swinging left or over-the-top but manage to keep a square face to the path and pull the ball way left or even shut the face and it is a huge pull-hook. The next thing you know they are changing the face position thinking that is it super shut and now they are hitting huge slices because the path is so far left and the face it open. Throughout this article I will give you a few helpful hints that will get you understanding what a draw is and how to hit the draws you desire.

First, what is a draw and how does a draw work.  For a ball to draw from right-to-left we need the clubface to be to the right (Open) to the target at impact and for the path to be to the right of the face. Face determines 85% of where the ball will start and path determines 15%. Since the face is open to the target it will start out to the right and with a path to the right of the face the ball will draw back to the line due to the difference in the angles as seen below in the diagram.

Click to Flick

Next, how is it that we will get you to hit a draw? First go ahead and lay down a golf club in front of you which will represent your target line. Next setup in your golf posture and check your stance and your aim. If you are aiming right down the line at the target we are not in a position to hit an ideal draw. What we want to do is “close” our stance to the target or aim our body out to the right. This will help promote a path that is in-to-out and get the ball to travel from right to left and going no further left than our target (this is an ideal draw).
Next, you are going to feel that your upper body is slower than the lower body throughout the swing. You may feel that your back is pointing at the target a little longer at the top of your backswing or that your head is staying behind the ball through impact letting your right shoulder pass under. Doing this will allow the arms to drop underneath (in-to-out) and allow the hands to release properly for a draw.

Drills for an In-to-Out path
Drill #1 (See image and description)

Here we can see an alignment stick on the mat (Orange) which represents your stance.
In front you see an alignment stick that is pointing straight out (target)
Then you see two alignment sticks to the right of the target stick which is a gate or “runway” that we want the club to travel down.
Take your setup; get to the top of your backswing and feel your lower body turning first and the upper body pointing at the target longer and focus getting the clubhead to go through the runway. It will feel like the path is going over the right stick in the runway and the face is going over the left stick when releasing.

Drill #2: Using the Game-in-Glove for path
This helps create proper feel and a visual for where the club should be.
Watch the laser moving from in-to-out to promote a draw swing.
Check out Game-In-Glove HERE for more information

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Game-inglove - Hand path is a critical and often overlooked fundamental in golf. Game-inglove - Best Golf Training Aids that work. Golf Gift Ideas for women. golf gift ideas for her

Karen Palacios-Jansen, LPGA Teaching Professional explains in her article on CardioGolf how:

"With a correct golf grip, your hand and wrist should rotate the club head so it stays square to the body throughout the swing. When the club is parallel to the ground, the toe of the club will point up. This is a square clubface.

 Click to find out more

If your hands roll to start your swing, then the clubface will be open.  If you try to keep the clubface going straight back without any forearm and wrist arm rotation, then clubface is closed.

Check your halfway position in your golf swing and strive to keep the clubface square".

It is easy to see from the images that, on the incorrect one, Karen is demonstrating the hands rolling to start the swing. You can also see that the result is an open clubface and the club head has travelled too far to the inside. Everything else from here is a recovery exercise to get back to the ball.

Let's look at this from a slightly different perspective. 

Instead of concentrating on getting the toe of the club to point up at the halfway point in the backswing, try concentrating on your hand path for the first foot of the backswing.  

If you can take your hands back on the correct path for at least the first foot of your backswing without rolling or rotating them incorrectly then you have a very good chance of building and executing a repeatable and consistent golf swing.

Executing this move correctly will ensure that the golf club head stays outside the hands on the takeaway and that the correct angle and relationship between left arm and the shaft remains throughout.

Look at the knuckles on Karen's left hand on the incorrect takeaway demonstration. You can clearly see that the back of the hand has rotated round and has moved to the inside thereby being completely out of position and requiring compensatory moves from then on in.  

Indeed, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson both agree that the first foot of the backswing is the most important foot of the golf swing. If you concentrate on your hand path through this "first foot" of your backswing you will improve your golf game beyond belief.

Next time you go to the driving range take a minute to observe the hand path of those golfers pounding balls and you will see most are in the "incorrect' category as they roll their hands to start the swing. This is an instinctive move, to get into a "hitting" position but it’s a swing killer and one of the main reasons why golfers struggle with consistency.

Conversely, next time you watch a PGA professional swing or see one of those golf swing sequence articles notice their hand paths for the first few feet of the backswing. They are all the same and look like Karen’s first image and not the second image.

Once you get your hand path correct everything else you read about or heard about in golf will all of a sudden start to make sense.

The good news is you can master your hand path to find out how click HERE and you are well on your way to developing a consistent, repeatable and powerful golf swing.