Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Distance is key in Golf. Hit it further with Game-inglove - Best golf training aids 2016

We all want distance right?
1.  1 MPH increase in swing speed equals 2.5 Yards in distance.
2.  Most amateur males hit the ball slightly less than their LPGA tour players distance wise. Obviously consistency, short game & putting make up the rest of the reason for lack of low scoring.
3. Ball flight is a determining factor as well. If you slice the ball to the right, you'll probably find yourself spending most of your time looking for your ball, not to mention carding a bogey/double on each hole.
4. Game-inglove Golf was featured as a PGA Magazine Gadget to grab for the year because it has visual feedback tools incorporated into a single golf glove that can fix your grip, your face angle, your swing and your swing plane, all-in-one.
5. The laser path guide and laser path mat will transform every aspect of your game, from putting, to chipping, pitching, irons shots, woods and driver.
6. Work with Game-inglove anytime, anywhere and anyplace 24/7 365 to develop the ability to start to increase swing speed and start out driving those ladies on tour, and ultimately slaughtering your golf buddies.


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