Sunday, November 9, 2014

Game-inglove - See How GiG will improve your golf game - Mike Fay, PGA. Game-inglove - Best Golf Training Aids that work. Gift ideas for golfers

Game-inglove released the first in a series of videos filmed by Mike Fay, PGA. The first video introduces Game-inglove and explains the three proprietary elements of GiG that will help you transform your golf game.

The Shaft Palm Line will ensure the golfer has perfect connection with the golf club simply by aligning the golf club's grip parallel to the Shaft Palm Line and closing the hand. The golf grip is one of the most important yet worst executed parts of the golf swing, and it all happens before you even attempt to swing the golf club. Get your golf grip right from the outset and then you can build a consistent and powerful golf swing.

The Realizer Clubface provides Real-time visual feedback to the golfer and ensures the golfer is aware of the clubface angle throughout swing and in particular impact, and beyond. As Mike explains you need this awareness to hit straighter and more powerful golf shots. You will quickly learn to square the clubface at impact and hit straighter, longer golf shots.

And last but not least, the Laser Path Guide which will ensure that you keep the club on the correct swing path and on-plane. Everyone has swing issues and using the Laser Path Guide with the Laser Path Mat any flaws in your swing will be immediately identifiable through real-time visual feedback from the laser beam pattern. Using the "laser glove" you can quickly stop coming over the top, cure the slice in your golf game as well as stop hooking the golf ball.

All three of these proprietary elements form a comprehensive golf training aid that literally puts the entire golf swing in the palm of your hand!

Light Up Your Game with Game-inglove!